Yosemite Valley Bear

Our annual trip to Yosemite Valley started out with me stressed from work.  I was overwhelmed at work, and had to bring work with me on the long weekend trip, so I was not feeling the fun, rest and relaxation that I had hoped I would feel.

bear 1

The weather was beautiful and I did eventually start to relax.  To make the weekend even better, a young bear came searching around our cabin area.

bear 2

Our rooms looked out over a marshy meadow area next to the river, and while we were all hanging out in the evening, I looked up as a bear was just walking out of the meadow.  We all got our cameras out and started to snap away.  The bear had no interest in us while he worked on ripping apart a log to look for grubs and other juicy morsels to munch on.

bear 3

This was an awesome encounter with a beautiful animal, and it really made my weekend.

yosemite 2011 182

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