Whipped Home Made Face Cream

I have very dry skin that is definitely showing its age.  I tend to use some very good moisturizing creams, and have a pretty good system to keep my skin from being dry, but I still have skin damage and age spots (Southern California has lots of sun).  I was checking out the creams at the drug store the other day, and noticed that some very expensive creams had essential oils as part of their ingredient list.  One age spot reducer had lemon oil as one of its ingredients, and another had Boswellia, which is Frankincense.  It turns out, I happen to have some essential oils here at my house, so I thought I would try my own face cream and see how it works on my face.

Whipped home made face cream - therapy fun zone

I mentioned this to my Oil Explorers group, and some others from the group are joining me in our exploration of oils for the skin.  We took some before pictures (which were without make-up, and not pretty) and are going to use frankincense and lemon on our spots, and see what progress we have in a month.  Come join us in our exploration.

I will update in a month with the results of our skin oils.

whipped face cream - therapy fun zone

For the face cream I used organic coconut oil and Frankincense.

1/2 cup organic coconut oil Whipped with an electric mixer

10 drops of Frankincense whipped into the whipped oil

That is all.  It is a very simple recipe.

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  1. GirlMom says:

    I am SO excited by this recipe! I am allergic to all other face creams. I even tried coconut oil straight but didn’t know about whipping to change the texture.

    I wonder about cutting open a few Vitamin A (retinol) and Vitamin E tablets and mixing it in.

    Does it go bad? All other homemake face creams I have seen have to be kept in the refrigerator but coconut oil doesn’t.

    • It whips up fairly nicely and can just sit on the counter. It will get harder when the weather is cold and then liquify when it is hot, so summer it may not be as perfect. The mixture felt really good on my skin. It seems like it would be oily, but it wasn’t to me. I have dry skin, so it is just what my skin needs. I think you could definitely mix in some vitamin E and A. It doesn’t go bad, so can be available on the counter.