Whipped Foot Softening Cream

We all need a little pampering, and our feet are often ignored when it comes to pampering.  Let me start by saying that my feet are really really dry.  I have a condition that affects me on my feet and hands.  I am actually really lucky that these are the only affected areas that I have.  It causes my skin on my feet to reproduce at an extreme rate, so I have dry, dead, scaly spots of extra skin.


I have used lots of different things on it over the years, and nothing really fixes it, so all that I look for is keeping my skin as soft as I can.

Over the last 5 years or so, I really haven’t used anything on my feet except lotion and Corona ointment which is a lanolin ointment for animals.  It does the job of keeping the skin moist, which minimizes the itching, dryness, and cracking.

So I decided to try my hand at making my own cream to soften the skin and minimize the irritation, itchiness, dryness and cracking that can easily happen on my feet.


I used:

I wanted a nice rich foot cream that would be good for my skin, and refreshing to the feet, moisturizing, and smell ok.  I am quite used to medicinal smells on my feet, but why not make it smell like peppermint since I can.


So far, my feet have really benefited from me giving them some attention since I have ignored them for so long.  Sometimes a little pampering is good, and my feet are looking better.  It’s not going to cure me, but it definitely will make my feet softer and ready for sandal season.  I have been using this for about a week, and the thickened skin of my feet is much thinner and they are definitely softer.

To make the cream, blend the shea butter and coconut oil together with an electric mixer.  Add the essential oils and blend it on high until it is creamy.  Store it in a class container (I used a short 8 ounce Ball jar).  Spread it on your feet morning and evening to give your feet a nice supple feel.

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