Weight loss and Fitness

I have got to lose weight and get back in shape.  I had done really well while my husband was deployed, but when he came home we just settled into laziness and enjoying going out to eat.  It is time to get it back under control.  I stopped exercising when I got sick and life got tough.  It is time to get back into exercising again.  I also am completely addicted to a yummy sweet iced coffee drink.  It is so yummily good.  I need to go cold turkey, and this is the week to do it.  I am off from work all week, so I can go through my caffeine withdrawals. 

I need to be kept accountable, so I am going to post things here.  I will try not to post too much about it because it is boring, and I don’t want to create a whole section about it.  I do want to see it in print though so that I am held accountable.  Here is my plan, post a picture each week including pounds lost.  Post a quick post on what I ate and calories eaten and what exercise was done each day.  This may be super boring, but maybe if I make myself do it, I can keep myself in the eating right and exercising mode.  Or maybe I should just create a whole other section to keep it separate from everything else.  I will start here and decide next week. 

My starting weight is 222.  I am 6 feet tall.  I would love to lose 10 pounds by christmas.  I think that maybe it is possible.  I had my coffee drink this morning already, so I will have to give that up tomorrow. 

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  1. Good luck! I’m hoping the same thing for myself.