Very Expensive Book

My son is currently reading one of my favorite books from childhood called Eli and the Tiger, by Bruce Van Blair.  It was written in 1974, and has been out of print for a very long time.  We lost our signed copy from childhood, but my brother found a copy at a used book store a few years ago and got it for me.  He is so thoughtful.  So, my 8 year old has been reading this book for his next book report, and has been taking it to school and misplacing it around the house.  I don’t want to lose this copy because this book is hard to come by.
Eli and The Tiger

Today I did a web search to see if I could find the book any where, and I did find it on Amazon.  For $98.00.  Oh my.  Should my son be carrying this expensive book around with him?  Yes.  It is just a book after all.  Once he is done with it though, it is going in a special place on the bookshelf.  Ouch!  $98.00.

By the way, the story in the book is very good.  Eli is an elephant, and the tiger is ….. a tiger.  They are separated when they are young from all of the other animals and become friends with each other, not knowing that elephants and tigers are not supposed to be friends.
When they get back to the other animal societies, they are up against a lot of prejudice and animosity from the other animals.
Sorry, you can’t read it though because I doubt that you will pay $98.00 for it, and I’m not sharing my copy.
I did an Amazon search and they do have it on kindle though, but of course you have to have a kindle. 

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