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Animal Quest: Birds of Prey

I love animals and I really love getting to see animals that you don’t get to see every day.  I was inspired by some pictures that I saw last summer, and made a goal to find and get pictures of a nesting bird of prey.  Mind you, I never said that they had to be good pictures, just pictures.  It would be easier to get good pictures if I had a zoom lens, but we work with what we have, {Read More}

Summer is over, what have you done

Well, summer is over.  I was off work all summer, and really luxuriated in the laziness of it.  I took a photography class, and posted some of the pictures on the photography section on  day 1 of class, day 2, more from day 2, my favorites from day 3, and then some extra pictures from class.  The cool thing about taking the class was that our time was devoted and carved out specifically for taking pictures and editing them.  We {Read More}