Outside guinea pig cage

The Guinea pigs have a nice big cage in the family room, which you can read about here. I thought that it might be nice for them to have a big cage outside so that they could enjoy the out of doors without fear of being eaten. I also wanted a safe place to put them while cleaning their indoor cage, and figured if they spend part of the day outside when the weather is nice, that will be less {Read More}

Guinea Pigs and Cages

Let’s start by saying that we got two guinea pigs this summer. They are very cute little creatures, and they squeek whenever they hear my voice (they always want lettuce). The girl is black and white and her name is Shasta, and the boy is tortoise shell, and his name is puddles. Here are some pictures. It turns out that guinea pigs require a lot of space as they are very large rodents (compared to hamsters and rats). We adopted {Read More}