Sweet baby hummingbird

My birthday is next week, and I found an awesome deal on a zoom lens for my camera.  I found it at Target for only $99.  It is a Canon EF 75-300mm zoom lens.  Today I had my first chance to see how well it works.  We were outside, and my daughter pointed out a hummingbird on the tree.  I ran in to change lenses, and came back out to snap some pictures.  I noticed that there were two hummingbirds at first, but that when I came back outside with my longer lens, there was only one.  I waited patiently, and even sat down for a bit to wait and see if the mommy came back.

It was well worth the wait.  Here is the baby waiting for mommy to come back.

baby hummingbird 1

Baby is still waiting.

baby hummingbird 2 Here comes mommy.

baby hummingbird 3 baby hummingbird 4 baby hummingbird 5 I am so jazzed about my new lens.  I did have to manually focus because there were so many branches that the camera couldn’t figure out what I wanted it to focus on.  I just manually focused and then stayed in the same spot to take all of the pictures.  The baby stayed in the same place the whole time. 

I have high hopes for things that I will be able to capture now.

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  1. Wow! What fantastic images you have captured! Beautiful! Well done!