Sun Tea

We really love iced tea in our house, and making sun tea is a great way to enjoy your tea.  It’s nice to have the sun do all of the work while I go enjoy the day and do some things with the kids.

I put in 12 cups of water, almost 1 cup of sugar, and 4 tea bags. Sometimes I will put in 8 tea bags depending on how strong I want it to be and how much ice I plan on putting into it later. When it is finished sitting in the sun, I added 4 cups of ice to cool it off.

I love this canister that I got at Target since it is the perfect size for sun tea.  It is made of glass which is definitely better than a plastic one for sitting in the sun making tea.  I have a bigger one that was given to me as a gift, but it is HUGE, and can hardly even fit in the sink to wash.  This one is a much more manageable size.  Mine is about 5 liters, or 1 1/2 gallons.  It is smaller than many out there and it is great because it fits into the dish washer. I just have to take the spout off when I put it in.  I couldn’t find a direct link to it, so I linked to something close.

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  1. Emily {Frilly Details} says:

    Mmmm, sun tea! I think I'll make some tomorrow. Thanks for the reminder :)