Start of a new product

I have a new product that I am working on.  It is an Occupational Therapy Product, specifically to help handwriting.  So, since I am just starting out on this one, I think that I will go through all of the stages here on my blog. 

I just got the idea for this product last week on Thursday when I was working with one of my students.  It is a small item, and will be very easy for me to make.  I am going to make several of them and give them to students that I work with for therapy.  That way, I can test them out on a controlled population and see how they work and what I need to change.

I did do some comparison internet searches, and there is a product out there that does a similar function, but it is more complex and does some other things too.  Mine is simpler, and could be more widely popular than just with the kids who need it.  As I get farther along, I will link to it and let everyone see it.  I doubt that I will go big with this as I don’t think that it is patentable, but I will make some and sell them at some point. 

Stay tuned to see how it all goes.  I will hand some out tomorrow to some teachers and students as I made a few over the weekend.

**** I often will link to things on Amazon. These are usually affiliate links that will pay me a couple of dollars if you happen to buy something while there.