Spider web trial

I have been trying to get a good picture of a spider web for a while.  When I was out for a morning walk, I ran into this web.  It was not easy to capture.  I had to go back to the house and get a step stool and a water squirt bottle in order to get the water drops on it.  It looks better with the water drops.  Unluckily, when I was spraying the web, the spider decided not to be a part of the picture.  I will keep trying to get the perfect shot.

spider webI am linking up to Macro Friday at Blogging from Bolivia.

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  1. Wow! Gorgeous!!

  2. Wow! Your spider web turned out much better than mine!

  3. What an amazing web! That spider was an artist! Great capture!

  4. amazing!!

  5. Beutiful capture! I don’t like spiders or spider webs, but when you see something like that you just want to take a shot

  6. This is lovely!

  7. Wow! I think this is a great photo of a spider web! It’s amazing how much moisture the web could hold. Beautiful!

  8. Beautiful!

  9. Love the shot.. Beautiful..THe water beads look like diamonds.

  10. it’s a great shot, lovely droplets

  11. Gorgeous! I love the composition!