Solution to a wet bathroom: shower splash guard

Well since this blog is called Smart Mommy Solutions, I thought that maybe I might post a solution that I just implemented.  When my son leaves the bathroom after taking a shower, the bath mat is soaked, and the bathroom floor is really wet.  He can’t seem to keep the water from getting past the shower curtain. 

bath tub 1 He should be able to (my daughter is successful), but it has just become frustrating, so I made my way to Lowes and found this shower splash guard. 


It took 5 minutes to install, and should solve the problem nicely.  Now I can stop being bothered by the wet floor, and can nag him about other things.

bath tub 3 I could not find this exact version on Amazon, but there is one Bathtub Splash Guard that is close.  I chose the tall one because I didn’t want to install the short ones and find that they didn’t work, so then have to go back and get the tall one.  I figured the tall one would be most likely to solve the problem the first time.

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