sick kids

Sometimes it seems like it is hardly worth trying to work for a living because the kids keep getting sick.  When the kids are school age, they seem to get sick a lot, and then I have to stay home from work too.  Sometimes I start to wonder why I have a job when I am not going to work since it feels like another kid is sick every other week.  My kids are the most important thing though, and when they are sick, what else can you do but stay home with them?

Of course there are those times when one of the kids gets sick and it is almost a relief because I have a house full of things that need to be done, and staying home with a sick kid gives me the opportunity to get them done.  I don’t get as much done when the kids are home though as when I am home alone and the kids are at school, although those days are few and far between.


So with the kids home, what shall we do to keep them calm, peaceful, entertained, and help the healing process?  I think that it is ok for the kids to watch tv while sick, but that gets old and it’s good to have other activities ready to keep the kids’ minds off of being sick but still can be calm.

  • Watching movies is kind of a go-to.  What can I say, sometimes you just need to veg.
  • Coloring books are great for quiet time.
  • Play dough is a perfect go-to in order to keep kids calm and entertained.
  • Play board games.  These often don’t get played often enough, and playing them can make a sick day feel not quite so bad.
  • Read books together.  I could read all day if given the opportunity.
  • Play with magnets and stickers
  • Play with fun foam on the windows and mirrors.
  • Practice your paper airplane skills.
  • Make lego creations.
  • Make bird feeders to hang in the trees.


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