Sewing Desk

This desk was a freebie.  It was unwanted in it’s old home, and I usually don’t turn away freebies.  It is a computer desk that was used in a credit union.  It lived in my daughter’s room for quite a while, but it is huge, and her room is small.  It was taking up too much space.  I put it in the corner behind the door in my room, and waited to decide what to do with it.  It started to accumulate stuff, including a sewing machine, and I thought, hmm, this is a handy place to sew.  I don’t actually like sewing, but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. 
sewing desk 1 I started to clean up the space to make it a nice sewing corner, and thought if the sewing machine is going to sit out, it needs to look nice. 
sewing desk 4 I made a little cover for the sewing machine. 
sewing desk 3 I made it reversible, so I had two pieces of material and some braiding on the edge that I stitched together.
sewing desk 5Now I am trying to decide whether to leave the sides open, put ribbon on to tie the sides closed, or stitch the sides closed.  I can’t decide, so it is staying as is for now.
sewing desk 2

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