So, My husband just found out a couple of days ago that he is going to be deployed for 9 months. He is in the Navy reserve, and has only been deployed one other time in 2003. I thought that blogging might be a good way to remember his deployment and to be able to keep him updated on our lives while he is gone. We will see if I actually keep it up. It is the end of March right now, and he will not be leaving until June, but I thought that I would get a head start on it. Our daughter is 10 years old, and our son is 6. He will miss my birthday, daughter’s birthday, his birthday (although I’m sure that he will still get a year older), Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Bummer. There is still a very slight chance that he will be able to get out of it though. We’ll keep our fingers crossed. He should take the camera with him, and the laptop, which means that I may have to go shopping for a new camera. That is currently the only benefit that I can see is a camera upgrade. (I’ve been looking at the Canon xt or xti).

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