Photo Cards=Good, vs Bad Christmas Letter Contest

Have you sent out your holiday cards yet?  I haven’t.  In fact I was debating whether I would send any out at all.  I would like to, but life is so busy, and money is tight.  I am still considering it, and was perusing Shutterfly’s Christmas photo card templates.  It still isn’t too late.  I have actually been known to send cards out after new years.  Why not, a card is a card, right?  It is a way to keep in touch and let friends and family know what you have been up to over the past year.  Here are some basic holiday photo cards, and here are just Christmas cards.

Who do you send your cards to?  Everyone you know?  Or do you pick and choose who gets a card.

We have a secret family tradition (I guess not so secret now) where there is a contest for the worst Christmas letter.  The people entered into the competition have no idea that they are competing for a special honor.  Sorry, if your Christmas letter is good, entertaining, and exactly what a Christmas letter should do, then you do not get to compete.  Only the terrible letters are eligible.  The winner always has certain traits, which I will list below in case you would like to try to compete for the top honor.

Necessary components to winning the Bad Christmas letter contest:

Brag about your expensive vacations.
Tell us all about the surgeries and illnesses you have had.
Tell us in detail about everyone that you know who has died this year (only wins if it is many people)
Go into detail about your child prodigy and how advanced they are compared to other children.
Go into detail about disgusting things you enjoy eating.
Anyone whose letter is 4 pages long.
Talk about what you are doing at the moment you are writing the letter.
Have every paragraph include a scripture from the Bible.

Please share your own ideas of what to include in order to enter the contest.  I am a little sad that I am ineligible to enter my own contest, because it might be fun to come up with the worst letter in history.  I do enjoy getting good Christmas letters as well.  I also like to get pictures with the letter.  I haven’t sent a card for the past 2 years, and I wonder if people think that things are so bad that we can’t send a card.  The year before last, I just didn’t want to do it.  Then last year, my husband was in Iraq, and we had a flood in our house and had to move out for the three weeks around Christmas.  Cards were just not a priority at that time.  I feel like I need to send one this year because we haven’t sent any in a while.

If you get a bad Christmas letter and card from me this year, feel free to enter me into your own contest.  Don’t tell me if I won though because that is just rude.

Shutterfly is having a blog promotion.  If you are a blogger, you can get 50 free photo cards.

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