Other Mom Inventors

I am going to post on some other mom inventors and what they have done.  I am going to start with one that I love.  I love it because it relates directly to my profession as an Occupational Therapist and a child feeding specialist.  It is The Wean Machine.  You put in foods and smoosh them to make it easier for a baby to eat.  Essentially it is a compact ricer which is convenient and has everything that you need to have with it.
The Wean Machine - Prepares Baby Food - Just Fill, Squeeze and Feed! BPA and Phalates Free
The mom behind it is Tilly Beazeley, and the official website is TheWeanMachine.com.  Tilly is from England and was tired of washing the large machine she used to make her baby food.  She wished she had something that was small and easy to clean up.

It makes it easy to make food smaller for a young toddler to eat.  It does not puree the food, it mushes it into small pieces.  In essence it makes a texture similar to fork mashed foods.  It is good for kids who are transitioning from puree to lumpy foods, and makes it easy to transition to regular table foods.  You can make a meal for the family, and put some of it through The Wean Machine to make it easier for the little one to eat. 

I used a similar item with my kids when they were young.  It is much better for kids to eat home made baby food.  It tastes better, and you know how it has been made.  This makes the process much easier.

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