It Only Takes 15 Minutes

In order to develop a habit, I have found that I have to do it daily for two weeks.  I am going to test this out by spending 15 minutes a day straightening up or organizing an are/very small piece of the house.  Those who know me know that I run a small business out of my house, and I have a lot of therapy toys and therapy projects that are in multiple places in the house.  The office and garage take the brunt of the stuff, but there are usually projects in the process of creation on the dining room table as well.  My mother calls the office the hoarding room, but it is really the supply/work room.


So, to start this little project off right, we will start in the office.  I received a shipment of little fine motor manipulatives, and the boxes have been sitting there for a couple of months waiting for me to get to them (they are very patient).  It took me 15 minutes to put them away, which included flattening the boxes and recycling them.

Of course I would be thrilled if my husband and kids participated in this challenge as well, but I will start with myself and hope that they join in later.


So, what are you going to spend your 15 minutes on today?

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