new cloche (bell jar)

On several sites, people are big into decorating with the bell jars, or cloches such as at a soft place to land, and at the nesting place. Well, I tend to go slow with decorating because I take time to decide what I really like, and I have to really like it. I saw a cloche on a black pedestal at an antique store a couple of weeks ago, and thought that it was unique and pretty, but that I did not want to spend too much money. Well, yesterday, I ran across some plates and tall metal candle holders that were a great price at big lots. They are really heavy metal. I then ran over to Michael’s and got a bell jar the right size, and some glue to glue the plate and pedestal together. I made two of them, and I think that they are good, and a good price. Here they are gluing together.

Here they are finished, although I have not yet decided what I will put in them.


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