My Favorite Pictures from the third day

Here are my favorite pictures from the third day of my photography class.

fern 1 copy A fern that is unfurling.

orange flower 2 An ant on a flower.

slug 3 Another Banana Slug.

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  1. Lovely images. I like the fern shot a lot-pretty lighting and focus choice!

  2. The 1st one does look like a seahorse! Great pics, they are all beautiful!

  3. Wow! That first one is just gorgeous! I agree that it looks like a seahorse :)
    Great shots – thanks for entering! :)

  4. These are wonderful shots!

  5. Oh My!! IT looks like a seahourse… Beautiful. What a wonderful entry. You must be having fun in your class.,

  6. Buckeroomama has just said what I thought when I saw your first photo – it really does look like a seahorse. Great shots and I’ve never seen a yellow slug before.

  7. These are all awesome! The fern looks like a seahorse. :)

  8. these are so lovely, wow! I think the snail head is my favourite

  9. The fern unfurling looks like a seahorse! How cool! They are all great, but I like the face of the slug best! I wish we had slugs that beautiful here!

  10. Beautiful! I LOVE the fern (it looks like a sea horse)- the lighting at the top is so baeutiful! The slug? Well, eeeeeewwwwww!

  11. These are incredible. I love the detail.