Laugh At Your Kids

I love kids. They are so much fun to hang out with.

I may have a very different parenting style than many people, but I think that my style is normal and awesome. There may be a couple of differences in my style though. See if you can spot them.

laugh and play with your kids

Photo by Alexandra Giese

During some free time, my kids and I hung out with some friends and their kids. There were a couple of dogs involved too. I looked at the slide, and I looked at the dogs, and my first thought was can we get the dogs to go down the slide? I find that other parents may try to discourage that behavior, but I tend to initiate it.

Another example of my parenting attitude is from when my daughter was 4 years old. She wanted to get a haircut, so we scheduled an appointment. Her hair was very long and she wanted it to be much shorter. A couple of days before the appointment, I was coming down the stairs in our house and she was coming up, and she had no hair. She had cut it all off super super short. I looked at her, and I burst into laughter.

Don’t get mad. Laugh.

How do you react to things your kids do? I challenge you to laugh more. Spilled milk? Laugh. Messy room? Laugh. Constant questions? Laugh.

Laughter can make any situation happier.

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  1. Nice! I agree. Getting upset over mundane things can be a real drag. If my kids break a dish, I say, “it’s just a dish,” and we clean it up and move on. Dirty rooms? Close your doors. No food is allowed in them so it’s just a mess, not filthy. I prefer happiness with important lessons. Treat your elders with respect, hold doors open for those in need, give of your time and love, etc. I have good, happy kids. And I enjoy spending my time with them rather than shopping or at the movies. Kids are hilarious!