job situation

Ok, this is going to be a convoluted scenario, but it might be interesting later to look back and remember how it all went down. My husband works as a bond trader for a large bank. This bank was failing a few months ago, and was bought by a bigger bank. Well, some people were kept on with the bigger bank, some people were let go quickly, and my husband and his small group (6 guys) were given until May with a large monetary incentive to stay until May. This is good and bad, as you still have a job, but you can’t start looking for a new job until close to your end time or you would lose out on the extra money if you don’t stay. During this upheaval, the Navy reserves has been trying to send him on deployment overseas, but that would make him lose the extra money too. The Navy has been trying to work around his job, but he is at the top of the list for getting deployed, and he can’t put it off forever. So, he has been talking to potential other employers, and thinking about using the Navy to fall back on as an in between job. He decided to switch to a unit that is supposed to begin deployment in June, a month after his current job ends. Seems perfect as he can take some vacation before heading to Iraq for 6 months. Now he just had a meeting with the new bank people, and they are offering a job to all 6 of the guys that husband works with (and husband), but it is in Chicago (we live in California). Too many decisions. I know, at least we have options. This is not a good time to move though what with housing etc. We will just have to wait and see.

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