Home Made Ice cream cookie sandwiches

I have been thinking about these for weeks, since we last went to Disneyland.  I am going to give away a little known secret of Disneyland, and I hope that I am not sorry later.  There is a little hole in the wall ice cream stand that is off the beaten path and hardly ever has a line.  It is on Main Street, across the street from the ice cream parlor.  When we go to the big ice cream parlor, and the line is out the door, we go across Main Street to see if the hole in the wall is open (it is not always open).  The last time we got ice cream there, my kids ordered cookie ice cream sandwiches.  I expected them to give us the ones that are wrapped in plastic and that you can buy at the little carts all over Disney.  What they did give us was fresh baked chocolate chip cookies with vanilla ice cream sandwiched between them.  It was so good. 

The last time we went to Disney, I wanted to get myself one of those cookie ice cream sandwiches, but it never worked out.  I have been thinking about them, and today I made my own.

ice cream cookie with flash Yummy.  I made my cookies from scratch with dark chocolate and mint chips.  Oh they are delectable. 

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  2. I love ice cream sandwiches, especially the homemade kind. Thanks for sharing.