Healthier me

I have succeeded in giving up coffee this week.  I did have some headaches at the beginning of the week, but that is past.  I did have some coffee this morning, but it will not become such a strong habit, just a once in a while treat.  Step one accomplished.  Next step is to start exercising regularly again.  This step is going to be harder because it means forcing myself to go out in the cold early in the morning.  I like to be nice and warm in my cozy house.  I must go out and exercise.  I will.  I will.  I will.  I will try to start tomorrow. 

On a funny note, we are free of dragons.  My son is having a friend sleep over (they are nine years old), and they are having a nerf gun battle.  The dragon in the hallway has been killed many times.  So has the monkey in the kitchen and the Orca on the couch.  We will be safe from plastic animals tonight.

On a household note, I made the Pumpkin Bread Pudding from the showdown between Pioneer Woman and Bobby Flay.  It was delicious, but I am not into cooking.  I have cooked more just making that than I usually do in a week.  Makes me tired just remembering it.  I was quite proud of myself though.  Then on her blog she talks about the fact that her 11 year old daughter made it by herself.  I was impressed that I made it by myself.  Huh.

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