First Experience With Essential Oils

There is a lot of talk and hype about essential oils right now, and I got on the band wagon.  My initial intended use for them is not going to work out, so now I am going to go on a journey to see what roll these oils can play in my life, and I am going to bring you along on that journey.  I was hoping to use the oils to help make a good smelling home without the chemical smell you get from the commercial scent devices.  Well, it turns out that I absolutely hate most of the smells that essential oils have, so I don’t want my home to smell like them.  Some people love the smell of essential oils and rave about how good they smell, so I thought that it would be great.  But No.  A popular favorite is Lavender.  I have always hated lavender.  I mixed it with some other smells that I kind of like to see if that would help, but no.  I still really hate lavender.


My husband has trouble sleeping and lavender is supposed to be beneficial to sleep.  I really wanted to try it for his sake, but it didn’t help my sleep.  I had trouble getting to sleep because I was so bothered by the icky smell of lavender.  I know I may be the only person in the world with this problem (actually my kids are not fans either).

I do enjoy the citrus scents of orange and lemon, and my husband is absolutely in love with peppermint.  The primary use of essential oils is more for health and medicinal, and not for scent, so that is what my journey will be about.  I will be exploring the helpful properties of the oils and trying to not hate the smell of them.

I initially started the smell journey because we were working on minimizing the overwhelmingly awful smell of my teenage son’s running shoes (and therefore his room).  this will continue to be an ongoing mission, and the essential oils would certainly be better than the sweaty shoe smell.

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  1. We use boot dryers on our teenage sons’ soccer cleats. When they get home from practice or a game they put their cleats on the boot dryer. It helps keep the smell down, especially when we get to the cleats after the first time wearing them.

    • We got some charcoal shoe inserts that help dry out the shoes, and that has helped a lot. Drying is essential.

  2. Maggie says:

    I have seen recipes for shoe fresheners using essential oils. Maybe you can kill the smell at the source.

    • That is definitely my thought. I am going to have to work on it, and we will see what works best :)