Everyone has something to change

Everyone has something that they would like to change in their life.  I have quite a few.  The best way to make a change is to pick one thing that you want to change and then focus on that.  It is very difficult to change too many things at one time.  I have the usual things that I want to change, you know, lose weight, exercise, eat healthy, and others that I am not ready to detail, etc.

Since the best way is to pick one thing to change, I am going to narrow it down to a small piece.  I will pick exercise, since it will have an impact on the other things that I want to change.  I will then narrow that down even farther, and do 15 minutes of exercise each day.  This is truly an easy change, so why haven’t I done it before?  Well, I have, but then I always stop for whatever reason. 

Here we will test it out.  Will it have an impact?

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