Deployment is mostly official

Regarding my husbands deployment, I guess that Afghanistan won. He hasn’t received orders yet, but he is definitely scheduled to go to Afghanistan. I am bummed on many levels, both deep and shallow. We will miss him of course, and a year plus is a very long time. He is supposed to head to an army base in Kansas at the end of May for training. He is in the Navy reserves as a supply officer, and is being pulled to fill in and help out the Army. That part in itself doesn’t make him happy because he would rather be going over in a job that he has done before with a group that he knows. Then he will get sent to Afghanistan in August. One shallow thing that bugs me is that he is supposed to report in May on Friday of Memorial Day weekend, and we have a traditional trip to Yosemite that weekend every year, and he will have to miss it. Why would they choose a holiday to report on? He may get a few days off around 4th of July, so I am thinking about taking the kids on a road trip to Kansas around the 4th. Not sure what there is to see in Kansas, but there is lots to see between California (where we live) and Kansas. With the Iraq deployment, he would have left from Williamsburg, Virginia, and I was really looking forward to taking a vacation in Williamsburg. Oh well. We will have fun on a road trip from California to Kansas. I will take the long way through the Grand Canyon. I guess on a shallow positive note, I will get my digital SLR when he leaves as he will probably take our smaller digital camera with him.

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