Baby Bird Rescue

We have a nest under the eaves right by our back door, and this morning, a young bird was flapping around in it and looked like it was stuck.  We watched for a bit hoping that he would be ok on his own, but then it became obvious that he was truly stuck and was not going to get out on his own.  We then had to initiate a baby bird rescue.  I got the ladder out of the garage {Read More}

Annual Snorkeling Trip to La Jolla Cove

Having grown up in Southern California, I fell in love with snorkeling when I was a kid.  I probably snorkeled for the first time in Hawaii, but I didn’t fall in love with it until later when I was older and we went snorkeling at La Jolla Cove in San Diego.  La Jolla Cove is a protected marine reserve, so there are lots of fish to see.  The water is of course much colder than Hawaiian waters, but during the {Read More}

Weekend Camping in the Desert

We went for a great camping trip in the desert over the weekend.  We went to the Anza Borrego State Park, and went for a hike up Palm Canyon to an oasis that is up the canyon.  The oasis is really cool because you start the hike in dry desert where you can’t imagine there being any water for survival.  You end the hike in an oasis with a flowing stream, a little water fall, and lots of shade provided {Read More}

Dragonfly Macro

I have been trying for a while to get a good dragonfly picture, but those little guys are fast.  Most of the shots I get are blurry or they are too fast and are out of the shot before I get a chance to take the picture.  I finally got a chance to get my shot. This was taken at the Great Salt Lake in Utah.  The dragonflies were shooting around all over the place.  At first they weren’t landing, {Read More}

Sweet baby hummingbird

My birthday is next week, and I found an awesome deal on a zoom lens for my camera.  I found it at Target for only $99.  It is a Canon EF 75-300mm zoom lens.  Today I had my first chance to see how well it works.  We were outside, and my daughter pointed out a hummingbird on the tree.  I ran in to change lenses, and came back out to snap some pictures.  I noticed that there were two hummingbirds {Read More}

Bonita Waterfall

We live in Southern California, and it is a rare treat to go on a hike to a waterfall.  The start of this hike is at Lyttle Creek, near the 15/215 interchange, north of the 10.  You have to cross the creek, and then cross over the rocks of the dry river bed.  Then we hiked up the dry riverbed, staying close to the far side of the mountain until we came to a trail going up a side canyon.  {Read More}

Yosemite Valley Bear

Our annual trip to Yosemite Valley started out with me stressed from work.  I was overwhelmed at work, and had to bring work with me on the long weekend trip, so I was not feeling the fun, rest and relaxation that I had hoped I would feel. The weather was beautiful and I did eventually start to relax.  To make the weekend even better, a young bear came searching around our cabin area. Our rooms looked out over a marshy {Read More}

Animal Quest: Birds of Prey

I love animals and I really love getting to see animals that you don’t get to see every day.  I was inspired by some pictures that I saw last summer, and made a goal to find and get pictures of a nesting bird of prey.  Mind you, I never said that they had to be good pictures, just pictures.  It would be easier to get good pictures if I had a zoom lens, but we work with what we have, {Read More}

Spider web trial

I have been trying to get a good picture of a spider web for a while.  When I was out for a morning walk, I ran into this web.  It was not easy to capture.  I had to go back to the house and get a step stool and a water squirt bottle in order to get the water drops on it.  It looks better with the water drops.  Unluckily, when I was spraying the web, the spider decided not {Read More}