blog for therapy

I have set up a blog for therapy activities.  I will attempt to update it frequently as it has potential to be useful, as opposed to this blog which is not so useful.  My therapy blog is .  I haven’t added anything yet, but will next week.  Right now I have to get ready to go to Disneyland. **** I often will link to things on Amazon. These are usually affiliate links that will pay me a couple of {Read More}

thoughts on work

First off, my husband is back and it is wonderful to have him home.  I have been working full time, so I have been too busy to blog or decorate, or do much of anything. On to a new thought.  I am a pediatric Occupational Therapist, and at my old part time job, I worked a lot with kids who had feeding problems.  My new job, I am working for a school district, and I miss the type of therapy {Read More}

Washing toys

I am a pediatric Occupational Therapist, and I treat kids in their homes. This means that many times I bring my own toys to work with. It is such a pain to have to disinfect the toys after each use. Sometimes I will try to only use one toy with one kid so I don’t have to clean them as often. Just a couple of weeks ago, I suddenly had a lightbulb go on. I now put my plastic toys {Read More}

Therapy chair

The little therapy chair that I made here worked great with the little guy that I made it for. I am thrilled, his mom is thrilled, his nurse is thrilled, and his PT is thrilled. I love the satisfaction I get from my job. Next week I am going to make him some splints, one for drawing, two for upper extremity weight bearing, and two to stretch his forearms into supination. **** I often will link to things on Amazon. {Read More}

Therapy Project

I have been working quite a bit so haven’t been doing many house projects, but this weekend I did a work project. I’m a pediatric Occupational Therapist, and wanted a chair for one of my little guys to be able to sit in. I wanted it to keep him in “indian style” sitting on the floor, and support his trunk and give him a tray to put toys on. I also wanted it comfortable, and adjustable to grow with him {Read More}

cool new material to make therapy stuff out of

I have discovered this great new material that is easy to use to make some positioning chairs out of. It is called coroplast, and it is a corrugated plastic that looks like cardboard, but is plastic. It is what advertising signs are made out of. I got the idea to use it because people use it to make the bottom of guinea pig cages out of, and I got some for that. I realized how sturdy it can be, easy {Read More}