Ribbon Christmas Tree

I made this little ribbon Christmas tree to have some of my students do in therapy, but It is so cute, I am going to use it in my house too.  It is so easy to make, and it is so cute.  It is a great activity for kids to do as a Christmas craft. I started out by first collecting sticks in my backyard. If you have a lot of time, you could have the kids collect their own {Read More}

No sense arguing when people won’t listen

I had a frustrating appointment yesterday where the grandmother was not going to implement any of my therapy suggestions.  She doesn’t speak English very well, but I can tell that if I had told her the suggestions in her primary language, she would not have implemented them either.  She is going to do what she thinks is best, which I guess is her prerogative.  It is definitely not worth arguing about either.  I tried that last week, and I only {Read More}

Update on spelling bee

I mentioned in my last post that my daughter would have to go to the county spelling bee during spring break.  She successfully bailed on that.  The other contestant from her school wasn’t able to go, and my daughter’s teacher asked if she was going, and my daughter said that she didn’t want to.  The teacher said OK, and that was it.  Done. On another note, it is crazy busy here.  I work at a school district, and right before {Read More}

Busy Busy Busy with Therapy

I have been ignoring this blog because I have been excessively busy building up and working on my therapy site.  It is called Therapy Fun Zone, which is where I post therapy activities.  It is very time consuming to create these activities.  Specially my pencil adventures.  It takes me hours of work on the computer to make one pencil adventure.  I love doing it though, and I am a bit obsessed with it at the moment.  I see myself compiling {Read More}

Graham Cracker Gingerbread Houses

When I used to work in an outpatient clinic environment, I used to have the kids make these gingerbread type of houses out of graham crackers.  It was a fun, christmasy activity that was good therapy at the same time.  It was also out of the ordinary, and the kids loved it.  I had my daughter and her friend make these so that I could take pictures for my therapy site.  The girls had a blast.  I love how one {Read More}

The power of touch

I was reading an article on a new blog, feelgooder.com regarding how important touch is in our lives, and it was inspiring.  I tend to not touch as much as other people.  I often shy away from touch, but then when I do get a hug, it feels so good, and I wonder why I don’t seek it out more.  I am going to try to touch and hug my family more because they and I need it.  My children {Read More}

Confetti Eggs

Confetti eggs are one of the most fun and best selling games at the fall festival at my kids’ school. The confetti eggs are regular raw eggs that are emptied, filled with confetti, and the hole is covered with tissue, and then painted. The kids buy the eggs and then break them over each others’ heads. It can be messy, with confetti everywhere, but it is really fun for the kids. They love to break eggs on people.  I was {Read More}

Tea Party

This is a post for my therapy activities blog, and I added it to my home blog.  I am linking to Between Naps On the Porch for Tablescape Thursday. A tea party is fun for both young and old. It is even more fun when you use a nice china tea set and fancy linens. More motivation is real food and real drink. Preparation and clean-up is of course a big part of the activity. You can work on cutting {Read More}

Getting under way

I am getting my new venture under way.  I almost have the website set up, need to get an email template set up.  I have been carrying around a note book where ever I go so that I  can write down activities when they pop into my head.  I’m working on getting them written up when ever I have a few free minutes during the day.  My website is http://www.therapyfunzone.com/. **** I often will link to things on Amazon. These {Read More}