Creating Therapeutic Games

I have not posted anything about inventing in years, but I have been going full force on my therapy games.  After bringing out the baby product, Hug ‘n Hold, and spending more money on it than I will ever make on it, I have determined what my criteria are for a product that I am working on.  I am not willing to spend a lot of money on marketing, and the product has to be easy to get manufactured and {Read More}

Start of a new product

I have a new product that I am working on.  It is an Occupational Therapy Product, specifically to help handwriting.  So, since I am just starting out on this one, I think that I will go through all of the stages here on my blog.  I just got the idea for this product last week on Thursday when I was working with one of my students.  It is a small item, and will be very easy for me to make.  {Read More}

Inventing resources

Ideas come at the strangest time.  I am disillusioned with the whole inventing process in case you haven’t noticed that I haven’t blogged anything for a year.  I am selling product, but not doing anything else regarding products.  Until last night while I was falling asleep.  I do not want another product, and cannot afford another product, but I am going to go out today and see if I can find materials to make a prototype.  This product is an {Read More}

Went to a casting call for an inventor tv show

I went to a casting call yesterday in San Diego for a PBS tv show that they are starting the second season of.  It is called “Everyday Edisons”.  It was a very good experience overall, even though they did not pick me as one of their inventors.  Every one involved was very nice.  The day was filled with a lot of waiting my turn, but we kept busy talking to other inventors who are in the same position.  Their website is {Read More}