It Only Takes 15 Minutes

In order to develop a habit, I have found that I have to do it daily for two weeks.  I am going to test this out by spending 15 minutes a day straightening up or organizing an are/very small piece of the house.  Those who know me know that I run a small business out of my house, and I have a lot of therapy toys and therapy projects that are in multiple places in the house.  The office and {Read More}

Office corner clutter

I work from home in a sense in that I am an Occupational Therapist that travels to people’s houses.  I have my own toys and therapy equipment that I bring with me, so I need to keep all of my therapy stuff somewhere.  Our office had been dismantled due to a flood, so I am just getting things put back together, so my therapy stuff is just put in a corner.  Here is my organization progress so far.  First is {Read More}

Sewing Desk

This desk was a freebie.  It was unwanted in it’s old home, and I usually don’t turn away freebies.  It is a computer desk that was used in a credit union.  It lived in my daughter’s room for quite a while, but it is huge, and her room is small.  It was taking up too much space.  I put it in the corner behind the door in my room, and waited to decide what to do with it.  It started {Read More}

office organization

I have been organizing the office while my husband is away, and was inspired to beautify as well. This closet office and the nice color coordinated boxes was a source of inspiration.Here is my first area of the office that I did this organization/beautification to. I can’t just say organization because it is already organized. It just doesn’t look that great. I bought large boxes at Michael’s. They had horrible loud, busy pictures on them. I spray painted them with {Read More}

home made charging station

In my continual efforts to manage the chaos, I have been looking at charging stations for cell phones, ipods etc. The ones that I have found are $40, and that is at a discount store. I just couldn’t pay that much. I found the materials, and I made my own for $6.00. I am quite proud. Here it is, and then I will tell you how I made it.I found the wooden box unfinished at Michael’s for $6.00. I made {Read More}

organizing laundry room

There is a sight called, and she has an organizing theme for each month. November’s theme is the laundry room, and it was on my list of things to do as well, so that motivated me to get started. The laundry room tends to be a dump all room where if we have something that needs fixing, or have something that we need to put somewhere else, it gets stuffed in the laundry room. To the right are the {Read More}

The secret to organizing

I guess I haven’t really found the secret to organizing, but I do have some things that are necessary for me to stay organized.  The most important thing is time.  I have to block out certain times and designate those times to do certain things.  There is always something that needs to be done for my product, so I could keep every spare minute filled with working on that and never get anything else done.  I have to consciously tell {Read More}