Cover Me Strap by Little Carr, LLC

The Cover Me Strap is a strap that you clip onto any blanket to make it into a nursing cover.  That way you don’t have to make sure you have your nursing cover, you just attach this strap onto a blanket that you already have in the diaper bag.  Here is a blurb from the creator’s website,  I’m Natascia the creator of the Cover-Me and founder of Little Carr, LLC, Being a busy mother of three I developed the {Read More}

Babbacover by Jessica Kim

The next of our mom inventors is Jessica Kim.  Her company is Babbaco, and her product is the Babbacover car seat cover.The car seat covers are all very cute. They have elastic fit in the front and back for a sure fit while keeping the sides loose for circulation, elastic opening for a sure grip on the car seat handle Window openings in the front and back, button the window flaps up or secure them down to prevent flapping in {Read More}

Other Mom Inventors

I am going to post on some other mom inventors and what they have done.  I am going to start with one that I love.  I love it because it relates directly to my profession as an Occupational Therapist and a child feeding specialist.  It is The Wean Machine.  You put in foods and smoosh them to make it easier for a baby to eat.  Essentially it is a compact ricer which is convenient and has everything that you need {Read More}