studying spelling the easy way

My son, C, is 7, and a terrible speller. I have always been a good speller, and M has not had to do a lot of extra studying to get good grades in spelling. C can go over and over the words many times and still get a lot of them wrong. Look at this. It is a really good grade on his spelling test. Part of his homework (that I give him) each night is to play games on {Read More}

It has been a lot

My daughter has been through a lot of medical stuff in the last few weeks, and has come through it all like a trouper, and has hardly blinked at it. It started near the beginning of september. School had been in for a couple of weeks, and she announced that her eyes have been blurry for the whole two weeks of school. She was hoping that it would get better. Nope, my little 10 year old now wears glasses. She {Read More}