It’s Summer and It’s Awesome

I have just finished my first week of Summer break and I am loving it.  I work at a school district, so during the school year I have no time for this personal blog.  I see kids and do evaluations for Occupational Therapy, then pick up my kids from school, get homework going, start dinner, then I have to write up reports and enter info in the computer for work.  I feel like I am always working or thinking about {Read More}

No sense arguing when people won’t listen

I had a frustrating appointment yesterday where the grandmother was not going to implement any of my therapy suggestions.  She doesn’t speak English very well, but I can tell that if I had told her the suggestions in her primary language, she would not have implemented them either.  She is going to do what she thinks is best, which I guess is her prerogative.  It is definitely not worth arguing about either.  I tried that last week, and I only {Read More}

New animal Quest: Bats in a cave

I have decided on a new animal quest for this year, since I achieved my last quest.  My new quest is to see bats in their cave.  I have seen wild bats flying around in the evening before, but I have not been to a cave where bats congregate.  I have seen one bat in a tiny cave, but I want to see a full congregation of bats.  I might be satisfied by seeing them flying out in the evening {Read More}

Update on spelling bee

I mentioned in my last post that my daughter would have to go to the county spelling bee during spring break.  She successfully bailed on that.  The other contestant from her school wasn’t able to go, and my daughter’s teacher asked if she was going, and my daughter said that she didn’t want to.  The teacher said OK, and that was it.  Done. On another note, it is crazy busy here.  I work at a school district, and right before {Read More}

Busy Busy Busy with Therapy

I have been ignoring this blog because I have been excessively busy building up and working on my therapy site.  It is called Therapy Fun Zone, which is where I post therapy activities.  It is very time consuming to create these activities.  Specially my pencil adventures.  It takes me hours of work on the computer to make one pencil adventure.  I love doing it though, and I am a bit obsessed with it at the moment.  I see myself compiling {Read More}

Photo Cards=Good, vs Bad Christmas Letter Contest

Have you sent out your holiday cards yet?  I haven’t.  In fact I was debating whether I would send any out at all.  I would like to, but life is so busy, and money is tight.  I am still considering it, and was perusing Shutterfly’s Christmas photo card templates.  It still isn’t too late.  I have actually been known to send cards out after new years.  Why not, a card is a card, right?  It is a way to keep {Read More}

unscheduled weekend

I am having an unscheduled weekend.  I just love those.  Like, I’m passionate about them.  We have been gone the last two weekends in a row, so it feels soooo good to just putz around the house and get stuff done.  I worked on organizing the office/guest room because we are having guests in a couple of weeks.  There are still no books in the book cases since our water disaster, so it wasn’t too hard to straighten up.  Then the kids {Read More}

Things that make me happy

I decided to make it my mission on Thursday to take pictures of things that are beautiful and that make me happy.  It was weird carrying my camera around to the different schools, but I have some pretty things.  The first one is not one that I saw that day, but it was a really nice rainbow after a storm.  Next I have some lovely flowers that are blooming, and they made me happy to see the beauty. The beauty {Read More}

I appreciate beauty in the little things.

I find that I am now appreciating beauty in the little things again.  When my husband was gone, I had a very tough time, and for a bit I was just barely surviving, not really enjoying.  Now that he is back, things are easier, and I am happier in general, and I am all of a sudden seeing beauty.  The other day, walking through one of the schools that I work at, I saw flowers on a tree and wished {Read More}