First Experience With Essential Oils

There is a lot of talk and hype about essential oils right now, and I got on the band wagon.  My initial intended use for them is not going to work out, so now I am going to go on a journey to see what roll these oils can play in my life, and I am going to bring you along on that journey.  I was hoping to use the oils to help make a good smelling home without the {Read More}

Teaching Kids to Listen and Learn Self Control

I have two children with very different personalities, and I work with children in my job as a pediatric Occupational Therapist. One thing that I have learned about kids in my many years with them is that no two are alike, and no two will respond in the same way to the same input. There are basic similarities though, and it is our job as the adult to learn to read each child and try to figure them out to {Read More}

Keep Active in the Summer

It is summer and the kids are out of school.  We need to build activity into their days or it is too easy to settle in to a lazy summer and watch too much TV and play more video games than is good for them. We have Tennis Tuesday every week, and go swimming at least once a week if not more.  I have many jobs around the house for the kids to do, but I have a tendency to {Read More}

It’s Summer and It’s Awesome

I have just finished my first week of Summer break and I am loving it.  I work at a school district, so during the school year I have no time for this personal blog.  I see kids and do evaluations for Occupational Therapy, then pick up my kids from school, get homework going, start dinner, then I have to write up reports and enter info in the computer for work.  I feel like I am always working or thinking about {Read More}

Having an active summer

The summer started out a bit difficult because I didn’t have a job set yet, so I was unsure what my schedule would be.  It is hard to plan when you don’t know.  Then we went on vacation to Yosemite, and we all got sick.  That took us down for a week or two.  I am now settling into my new summer job, and know what my schedule is, so I have been able to schedule active things for the {Read More}

Solution to a wet bathroom: shower splash guard

Well since this blog is called Smart Mommy Solutions, I thought that maybe I might post a solution that I just implemented.  When my son leaves the bathroom after taking a shower, the bath mat is soaked, and the bathroom floor is really wet.  He can’t seem to keep the water from getting past the shower curtain.  He should be able to (my daughter is successful), but it has just become frustrating, so I made my way to Lowes and {Read More}

Keep in touch with the older generation

I came up with this great idea to keep in touch with the older generation. It is regarding much older people, specifically, my grandmother who is 90. She lives in a retirement complex, and my grandfather is currently next door in a skilled nursing facility as his health has not been good lately. I know that my grandmother misses him, and staying connected to family is very high on her list of important things in this stage of life. I {Read More}