A two dog night

Don’t they look so comfy If you lay down on the floor, that means that you want to be layed on. But that face is so adorable It does go both ways though.  If you are not careful as a dog, you will get layed on too. **** I often will link to things on Amazon. These are usually affiliate links that will pay me a couple of dollars if you happen to buy something while there.

"Navy Dude"

Now that my husband is gone, we have decided to replace him. We have renamed this build a bear koala, and he is now going to go places and have fun with us in my husband’s stead. This weekend we went swimming at my in-law’s house, and Navy Dude came along. He seemed to have a good time. Here he is ready for his water gun fight. I’m hungry, time to eat. **** I often will link to things on {Read More}

Washing toys

I am a pediatric Occupational Therapist, and I treat kids in their homes. This means that many times I bring my own toys to work with. It is such a pain to have to disinfect the toys after each use. Sometimes I will try to only use one toy with one kid so I don’t have to clean them as often. Just a couple of weeks ago, I suddenly had a lightbulb go on. I now put my plastic toys {Read More}


Two of our tadpoles are full fledged frogs. They are not climbing the walls of the terrarium, so I think that they must not be tree frogs this time. This is definitely different from what I am used to. They are just sitting in the shallow water part, so they must like to stay in some water. I may have to build a little pond in the back yard to make a natural home for them. Here are pictures of {Read More}

Therapy chair

The little therapy chair that I made here worked great with the little guy that I made it for. I am thrilled, his mom is thrilled, his nurse is thrilled, and his PT is thrilled. I love the satisfaction I get from my job. Next week I am going to make him some splints, one for drawing, two for upper extremity weight bearing, and two to stretch his forearms into supination. **** I often will link to things on Amazon. {Read More}

Outside guinea pig cage

The Guinea pigs have a nice big cage in the family room, which you can read about here. I thought that it might be nice for them to have a big cage outside so that they could enjoy the out of doors without fear of being eaten. I also wanted a safe place to put them while cleaning their indoor cage, and figured if they spend part of the day outside when the weather is nice, that will be less {Read More}

studying spelling the easy way

My son, C, is 7, and a terrible speller. I have always been a good speller, and M has not had to do a lot of extra studying to get good grades in spelling. C can go over and over the words many times and still get a lot of them wrong. Look at this. It is a really good grade on his spelling test. Part of his homework (that I give him) each night is to play games on {Read More}

Guinea Pigs and Cages

Let’s start by saying that we got two guinea pigs this summer. They are very cute little creatures, and they squeek whenever they hear my voice (they always want lettuce). The girl is black and white and her name is Shasta, and the boy is tortoise shell, and his name is puddles. Here are some pictures. It turns out that guinea pigs require a lot of space as they are very large rodents (compared to hamsters and rats). We adopted {Read More}