new cloche (bell jar)

On several sites, people are big into decorating with the bell jars, or cloches such as at a soft place to land, and at the nesting place. Well, I tend to go slow with decorating because I take time to decide what I really like, and I have to really like it. I saw a cloche on a black pedestal at an antique store a couple of weeks ago, and thought that it was unique and pretty, but that I {Read More}

Guinea Pigs and Cages

Let’s start by saying that we got two guinea pigs this summer. They are very cute little creatures, and they squeek whenever they hear my voice (they always want lettuce). The girl is black and white and her name is Shasta, and the boy is tortoise shell, and his name is puddles. Here are some pictures. It turns out that guinea pigs require a lot of space as they are very large rodents (compared to hamsters and rats). We adopted {Read More}