Tonya’s Butter for Chips Salsa

There is a restaurant that we go to in the mountains near Arrowbear that has the best salsa, and this summer I decided that I wanted to eat that salsa more often so I worked on replicating it.  My son had no faith in my ability to make any salsa that he would like, so he taunted me until I proved him wrong. It is not truly the same as the restaurant salsa, but it is so delicious that no {Read More}

The Cure To a Rough Day

Sitting in a long boring meeting, I had to convince myself that I could make it through. I had to use the behavior techniques on myself that are typically used with the kids that I work with, which is a first-then card. First I have to endure the meeting, then I get to have an ice cream sundae. It made the meeting slightly more bearable. Here is my beautiful reward for enduring an unusually rough day. What is your preferred {Read More}

Sun Tea

We really love iced tea in our house, and making sun tea is a great way to enjoy your tea.  It’s nice to have the sun do all of the work while I go enjoy the day and do some things with the kids. I put in 12 cups of water, almost 1 cup of sugar, and 4 tea bags. Sometimes I will put in 8 tea bags depending on how strong I want it to be and how much {Read More}

Cheesy Vegetable Rice

I don’t share a lot of recipes because I am a very simplistic cook, and most of what I make does not actually require a recipe.  This dish for example does not actually require a recipe, but I will make one up for you so that you can share in the deliciousness of it as well.  I love when I can make a full meal with all of the nutritional basics in one pot.  So for this dish, you need {Read More}

Super Simple 3 Ingredient Ice Cream in a Baggy

For the summer months, my teenage kids wanted to do some science and craft and creating type of activities.  They got their inspiration from the Myth Busters and their line on the show where they say “Don’t try this at home”.  Well, the kids have started a youtube channel called We Tried it at Home.  We will be doing whatever strikes the kids’ fancy.  The internet is full of activities for young kids to do, but our activities are going {Read More}

Yummy Yogurt and Cherries

I had quite a bit of success a while back with losing weight doing the Flat Belly Diet, and it is time for me to start thinking about that again.  One of my favorite breakfasts that helped me succeed on the diet is yummy yogurt and cherries.  I keep a huge bag of frozen cherries in the freezer, and just defrost a few in the microwave, put yogurt on them and then some granola if I need a crunch. When {Read More}

Cinnamon Apple Crescent Bites

I am trying to use the food that we have in the pantry, and we have a lot of apples that need to be eaten.  We happened to have some Pillsbury crescent roll dough, so I cut up some apples, added a little sugar, cinnamon, and caramel, and then rolled the apple mix into the crescent rolls.  They were yummy.  I will make them again, but will try to work out how to have less dough, because the apple filling {Read More}

Yummy cookie peanut butter cup brownie

For 4th of July, I signed up to bring a dessert to the barbeque.  I had seen a couple of desserts on Pinterest that I wanted to try, so I had my daughter pick the one that she thought looked the best.  She decided on a dessert that has a chocolate cookie bottom, reese’s peanut butter cups in the middle, and brownie on top. Since we were making this for a pretty large crowd, I needed to use a big {Read More}

Chocolate Filled Strawberries and Cherries

I stocked up on fruit yesterday and have a lot of strawberries and cherries.  As I was having my daughter wash and cut some strawberries for lunch, she and a friend were saying how great it would be to fill them with chocolate since they were hollow.  I jumped on that idea, and found some cream cheese in the fridge, mixed it with some melted chocolate chips and some powdered chocolate milk mix. We put the chocolate cream mixture into {Read More}