Kitchen Table Re-do

This kitchen table has been around the block a time or two.  It started it’s life when my parents got married in the early 1960’s.  My mom calls it Danish Modern.  It originally had a dark stain on it, and it was a good useable table.  When I got married in 1991, the table came with me to my new home.  Then we refinished it with a very barely stained top and forest green painted legs.  It matched our kitchen {Read More}

Sewing Desk

This desk was a freebie.  It was unwanted in it’s old home, and I usually don’t turn away freebies.  It is a computer desk that was used in a credit union.  It lived in my daughter’s room for quite a while, but it is huge, and her room is small.  It was taking up too much space.  I put it in the corner behind the door in my room, and waited to decide what to do with it.  It started {Read More}

Deal of the Year on Buffet Table

I have been using my daughter’s old pink dresser as a Buffet table for a couple of years now.  I guess it doesn’t really match my dining room, but I have been looking for a really good deal on a new buffet.  Here is what her pink dresser looked like in the space. We just got this new table which is big and awesome.  Our old table was a drop leaf antique from my step grandmother, and I was scared {Read More}

Dresser Makeover

I had originally bought this dresser about 5 years ago from Salvation Army. It was just plain wood, and boring. My daughter had needed a bigger dresser and she wanted it to be a painted dresser. At the time she wanted pink. (Now she hates pink). Here it is in it’s pink state.I like the designs that I did on each drawer. Well, since then, she has inherited my old bedroom set which is a cherry wood four poster bed, {Read More}

office organization

I have been organizing the office while my husband is away, and was inspired to beautify as well. This closet office and the nice color coordinated boxes was a source of inspiration.Here is my first area of the office that I did this organization/beautification to. I can’t just say organization because it is already organized. It just doesn’t look that great. I bought large boxes at Michael’s. They had horrible loud, busy pictures on them. I spray painted them with {Read More}

decorative display of decorative fish

I will preface this by saying that I love the ocean, and wanted to be a marine biologist. I keep getting these pretty decorative fish as gifts, and they have been sitting on a shelf in the family room. Then at one point it hit me, I have this glass bowl thing, and fish should live in a bowl. One of our bathrooms is also going towards an ocean theme. So I combined the fish and the bowl and put {Read More}

antique table

Our community had a community wide garage sale, so I was thinking about all of the things that I could get rid of during the sale, and I thought of this little table that has been sitting in the garage for years. Then I thought that no, I could not sell a solid wood perfectly good table even if I don’t love it. So I was thinking about what I could do to it to make me love it. I {Read More}

I love this lamp

I got a new lamp that I think is beautiful, and I put it in a place that used to be boring, and now looks good. This cabinet holds DVDs and videos as do the boxes on top. The boxes have been moved to a closet, and my lamp now decorates the top. The jar on top is currently halloweenie (is that a word?). **** I often will link to things on Amazon. These are usually affiliate links that will {Read More}

new cloche (bell jar)

On several sites, people are big into decorating with the bell jars, or cloches such as at a soft place to land, and at the nesting place. Well, I tend to go slow with decorating because I take time to decide what I really like, and I have to really like it. I saw a cloche on a black pedestal at an antique store a couple of weeks ago, and thought that it was unique and pretty, but that I {Read More}