Awesome Book Series

My daughter introduced me to a new book series that is the kind of book that takes over all of your time.  It is the Maximum Ride series by James Patterson. It is about a group of kids that have been genetically altered with bird DNA and can fly.  They are in the midst of a plot by evil mad scientists, and it is up to the kids to save the world. It is a really good series and has {Read More}

Very Expensive Book

My son is currently reading one of my favorite books from childhood called Eli and the Tiger, by Bruce Van Blair.  It was written in 1974, and has been out of print for a very long time.  We lost our signed copy from childhood, but my brother found a copy at a used book store a few years ago and got it for me.  He is so thoughtful.  So, my 8 year old has been reading this book for his {Read More}

Book Review: The Lightning Thief

Yes, this book is now a movie, but our house-hold read it years ago and fell in love with the series.  When my daughter read it, she fell in love with Greek Mythology, and taught herself the Greek alphabet.  She and her best friend in school now write notes to each other using the Greek alphabet, and no one else can read them.  I really need to learn the Greek letters so that when I do my mommy snooping I {Read More}

Book Review: Goose Girl

I love to read, and choose to read instead of watching TV in the evenings.  I am going to share what I am reading each week and post some book reviews and maybe others will discover some great new books. I started reading teen books in order to read ahead of my daughter so that I knew what she was reading.  Some of them have hooked me. One of my favorite books is Goose Girl by Shannon Hale.  It is {Read More}