Carpet Cleaning with Essential Oils

It has been years since I have cleaned my carpet, so it had some dark stains on it as a result of the fun and parties that have happened over the years.  While prepping to host a big baby shower at my house, I decided to try the Thieves cleaner that I have started using.  I mixed 2 capfuls of the concentrated cleaner with 2 cups of water in a spray bottle, then I got busy spraying spots.

smart mommy- carpet cleaning with thieves cleaner

We sprayed several spots and then came back to the first one and rubbed it with a clean cloth.  The spot was gone.  I was very pleased with the ease of the cleaning and with the success of it.  As a bonus, my daughter says that it smells like Christmas.  There is a hint of cinnamon in the scent, and it certainly is a more pleasant scent than regular cleaning fluids.

I followed up with using our carpet steam cleaning machine, but didn’t put the thieves in the machine, although I have read that some people do.  Maybe when I tackle the hallway carpet I will use the Thieves in the machine.

smart mommy solutions - carpet cleaning with thieves cleaner


I love my clean carpet.  What is your favorite use of Thieves cleaner?

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