Busy Busy Busy with Therapy

I have been ignoring this blog because I have been excessively busy building up and working on my therapy site.  It is called Therapy Fun Zone, which is where I post therapy activities.  It is very time consuming to create these activities.  Specially my pencil adventures.  It takes me hours of work on the computer to make one pencil adventure.  I love doing it though, and I am a bit obsessed with it at the moment.  I see myself compiling a book of these and publishing it.  Considering that it takes me so long to make one of these, (and the fact that I have to work at my real job), it will be a while before my book is completed.  That’s ok, because I am a turtle.  Slow and steady wins the race.  I keep working at things until I get them done.

On another note, my daughter came in second in her Junior High spelling bee, and now has to go to the county spelling bee.  What is funny about that is that she has a history (meaning she has done it before) of throwing the spelling bee.  When she is up there, she just decides that she is done, so she misses a word on purpose.  This time, the only reason she even entered is because it was extra credit for english class.  Then, a good friend made her promise not to lose on purpose.  Well she didn’t lose on purpose, and now she has to take a day during her spring break to go to the county spelling bee.  She is not thrilled about that.  She is also not thrilled that she has to study spelling words during lunch with the english teacher.  Oh well.  I am proud of her for her success.

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