Book Review: Your Million Dollar Dream

Your Million Dollar Dream: Regain Control and Be Your Own Boss. Create a Winning Business Plan. Turn Your Passion into Profit.
I bought and have read the newest book by mom inventors founder Tamara Monosoff, Your Million Dollar Dream.  I would not say that the book is life-changing, but I did absolutely benefit from it.  A lot of the information is related to using the internet to help your business.  I was stimulated to try some new things.  Before I bought the book, I had already started a therapy activity website to share information and ideas.  I did that because I wanted to, not because I thought that it might make money.  After reading her book, I decided to try some of the ideas in it because it couldn’t hurt to make money too, right?  As long as I was doing the website anyway.  I have only just begun, so it will be a while before I see how successful it becomes.  If nothing else, I have been stimulated in my therapy job.

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