Book Review: Goose Girl

I love to read, and choose to read instead of watching TV in the evenings.  I am going to share what I am reading each week and post some book reviews and maybe others will discover some great new books.

I started reading teen books in order to read ahead of my daughter so that I knew what she was reading.  Some of them have hooked me.

One of my favorite books is Goose Girl by Shannon Hale.  It is the first in a series call The Books of Bayern.
 The Goose Girl (Books of Bayern)
The story is about a princess who is sent to another country to marry the prince of that country as a strategic  political move.  On the way there, she is betrayed and she barely escapes with her life.

Our heroine makes it to the city on her own and pretends to be a peasant in order to survive, and she begins ending the castle flock of geese.  She finds out that she has special powers, and eventually needs to let everyone know who she is, but carefully because her imposter would like her dead.

She makes many friends among the people she works with, and the story has some very good messages regarding internal strength.  The characters have many dimensions and you learn more about each one in the subsequent books.
Enna Burning (Books of Bayern)River Secrets (The Books of Bayern)Forest Born (Books of Bayern)

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