Amazing what you can get done when you are up at 2:00am

I have been up since 2:00am this morning.  You ask why would any sane person do this?  The dogs woke me up.  They were running around the house like maniacs playing, and then I heard a bunch of chewing.  I checked on them, and there was chewed up kleenex all over the floor, and one of them had gotten my sunglasses off of the counter and chewed them to pieces.  I sent them outside for the rest of the night, {Read More}

Requirements to being a mom inventor

So, I should fill you in on some of the requirements to being a mom inventor.  For starters, you have to keep really odd hours.  In general, you work when the kids are asleep.  For some moms, this means staying up late.  I am a morning person, so for me this means getting up really early.  I am usually up by 4:00 am.  I have been up as early as 3:00 am.  It is a nice, quiet, peaceful time of {Read More}

techniques and tricks to handle diaper changing struggles

Babies naturally start fighting diaper changes when they get old enough to crawl and walk.  This is a normal stage of development.  It is not that they are fighting the actual changing of the diaper, they are fighting the restriction of doing what they want to do.  There are many ways to handle this, and some babies are more compliant than others.  The more compliant babies will settle down with a few tricks.  The less compliant ones may require the {Read More}