Aren’t Essential Oils New Age and Only Used by Crazy Hippies?

Welcome to the our series: The Skeptics Guide to Essential Oils.  Specifically I was very skeptical about how the oils worked and if it was all just an airy fairy new age concept. We are having a whole series with our Oil Explorers group, which is a wonderful group of people who are on an oil exploring journey together.  If you join our team of explorers, you will have the support of a great group of people with access to {Read More}

Bonding With Baby – or Through the War Zone

When I was going to have my first child, I would read stories that would gush about how there was this instant bond with the baby when it was born.  I found that to not be true.  When my daughter was put on my chest, it was like she was this little alien that had suddenly appeared.  I did not have a magical bond with her.  She was just this little helpless creature — my little helpless creature — that {Read More}

Essential Oils Can Support a Healthy Lifestyle

Essential oils are meant to be used to support a healthy lifestyle.  What does this really mean?  It means that they can be natural things for the everyday health. There are so many ways that they can be used, but since they are organic compounds, certain ones may work for you, and others may not.  There are a lot of books out there to help figure out the best use, so you will need to get a reference book to {Read More}

Whipped Foot Softening Cream

We all need a little pampering, and our feet are often ignored when it comes to pampering.  Let me start by saying that my feet are really really dry.  I have a condition that affects me on my feet and hands.  I am actually really lucky that these are the only affected areas that I have.  It causes my skin on my feet to reproduce at an extreme rate, so I have dry, dead, scaly spots of extra skin. I {Read More}

sick kids

Sometimes it seems like it is hardly worth trying to work for a living because the kids keep getting sick.  When the kids are school age, they seem to get sick a lot, and then I have to stay home from work too.  Sometimes I start to wonder why I have a job when I am not going to work since it feels like another kid is sick every other week.  My kids are the most important thing though, and {Read More}