Tonya’s Butter for Chips Salsa

There is a restaurant that we go to in the mountains near Arrowbear that has the best salsa, and this summer I decided that I wanted to eat that salsa more often so I worked on replicating it.  My son had no faith in my ability to make any salsa that he would like, so he taunted me until I proved him wrong. It is not truly the same as the restaurant salsa, but it is so delicious that no {Read More}

The Cure To a Rough Day

Sitting in a long boring meeting, I had to convince myself that I could make it through. I had to use the behavior techniques on myself that are typically used with the kids that I work with, which is a first-then card. First I have to endure the meeting, then I get to have an ice cream sundae. It made the meeting slightly more bearable. Here is my beautiful reward for enduring an unusually rough day. What is your preferred {Read More}

Sun Tea

We really love iced tea in our house, and making sun tea is a great way to enjoy your tea.  It’s nice to have the sun do all of the work while I go enjoy the day and do some things with the kids. I put in 12 cups of water, almost 1 cup of sugar, and 4 tea bags. Sometimes I will put in 8 tea bags depending on how strong I want it to be and how much {Read More}

It Only Takes 15 Minutes

In order to develop a habit, I have found that I have to do it daily for two weeks.  I am going to test this out by spending 15 minutes a day straightening up or organizing an are/very small piece of the house.  Those who know me know that I run a small business out of my house, and I have a lot of therapy toys and therapy projects that are in multiple places in the house.  The office and {Read More}

Cheesy Vegetable Rice

I don’t share a lot of recipes because I am a very simplistic cook, and most of what I make does not actually require a recipe.  This dish for example does not actually require a recipe, but I will make one up for you so that you can share in the deliciousness of it as well.  I love when I can make a full meal with all of the nutritional basics in one pot.  So for this dish, you need {Read More}