Bike Accessory Jealousy

Right now, we are in Yosemite, which is a yearly tradition for our family.  We bring our bikes and ride around Yosemite Valley.
 yosemite 2010 029
Well, I am making plans for the purchase of bike accessories that I will make when we get home.

My sister in law has a cool basket that goes on the back of her bike.  I also love the little baskets that hook on the front of a bike.

 yosemite 2010 113

We have little front soft carriers on the front of our bikes that definitely need to be replaced.  A bear ripped one open two years ago and destroyed the zipper, but we are still using it.  Time for an upgrade.
 yosemite 2010 063
My father in law has a cool saddle bag arrangement on the back of his bike.  The same bear got into those that year, but didn’t destroy his.  If I do the saddlebags on my daughter’s bike, she could ride to school and fit all of her books in (maybe).

 yosemite 2010 143

I will be passing along our cool bike accessory.  It is the Trail-gator.  It tows a kid’s bike behind the adult bike.  My brother in law and sister in law are ready for it for their 4 year old who is currently being towed in a trailer.  Next year she will be ready to be towed on a bike.
Trail-Gator Trailgator Bicycle Tow Bar
Time to go shopping.

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