Babbacover by Jessica Kim

The next of our mom inventors is Jessica Kim.  Her company is Babbaco, and her product is the Babbacover car seat cover.
Babbaco Babbacover Snuggle Fleece Beepbeep, Green
The car seat covers are all very cute. They have elastic fit in the front and back for a sure fit while keeping the sides loose for circulation, elastic opening for a sure grip on the car seat handle

Window openings in the front and back, button the window flaps up or secure them down to prevent flapping in the wind, the window openings create easy access to baby, allows your baby to see out, and provides sufficient circulation

Side cargo pockets on both sides, throw in your keys, wallet, diaper/wipes, teether, things that you want to keep easily accessible

About the Inventor.

Jessica Kim is so real. She’s a mom, a wife, a serial entrepreneur, and just another woman trying to balance it all. Jessica strongly believes that every mom is entrepreneurial. Moms need to switch plans at the drop of a hat, be resourceful with what they have, and make things out of nothing (like creating a puppet out of your glove to get through that grocery line). Jessica designs her products with real parenthood in mind. She is not an expert mom at all; she doesn’t believe one exists. She’s ready to share her reality of being an entrepreneurial mom. Jessica celebrates that reality and dedicates herself to creating solutions for all of us…and why not look super cute at the same time?

Some more examples of the cuteness of the covers.
Babbaco Babbacover Airy Cotton, GQ GuillenBabbaco Babbacover Snuggle Fleece, GQ Guillen

She also has babbaburpies, which are burp cloths that you can turn inside out to keep using.  Good idea.
Babbaco Babbaburpie Katie Rosa Cream, Pink/BrownBabbaco Babbaburpie Mimi Cream, Blue/BrownBabbaco Babbaburpie Cati Coral, Pink/BrownBabbaco Babbaburpie GQ Guillen, Blue/GreenBabbaco Babbaburpie Vintage Vanessa Cream, Green/Brown

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